Credit Application

Personal Information

Please type your full name as it appears on your Driver's License

Employment Information

Please make sure you are inputting your total MONTHLY income and not yearly.
Clear Signature

Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure

By Signing this document you agree to the following: I certify that the information I have provided on this application is , to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate. I have read the Privacy Policy and authorize that my credit report be obtained. I am 18 years of age or older with a valid drivers license. I understand that financial institution(s) will rely on this information to judge my credit worthiness, and will retain this application and information about me whether or not this application is approved. Further, I authorize an investigation of my credit and employment history, in conjunction with which my credit report(s) may be obtained from one or more consumer credit reporting agencies. I understand that false statements may subject me to criminal penalties. I further understand that the Dealer and/or the financial institution(s) that evaluate my application may require additional information. I/We understand that this application for credit will be submitted by the dealer to various financial institutions for evaluation.

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